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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Duplessis Orphans get $26M from Quebec

The Quebec government announced Thursday it will pay another $26 million in compensation to the Duplessis Orphans, who were physically and mentally abused in Roman Catholic institutions more than 60 years ago.
The orphans suffered sexual and physical abuse, including electroshock and lobotomies, in Quebec orphanages run by the Catholic Church in the 1940s and ’50s.

In many cases, orphans were forced to work and kept out of school, even though school attendance was mandatory in the province.

The orphans came to call themselves after Maurice Duplessis, who was Quebec’s premier at the time.

Between 1,000 and 1,700 orphans are eligible for the new compensation package, which works out to about $15,000 per person.

In order to receive the money, they will have to sign a waiver declaring they won’t file any legal action against the Catholic Church.

The requirement has shocked many adult orphans, who harbour deep resentment toward the church for the pain and suffering they endured as children.

Some, like Martin Lécuyer, decided on the spot to turn down the money on principle. « It’s an abomination. It’s an exploitation of the [orphans]. »

Lécuyer grew up at the Orphelinat Notre-Dame de la Merci d’Huberdeau, in the Laurentians, where he was abandoned as a two-month-old infant. He says he suffered sexual abuse at the hands of a resident priest as often as three times a week for several years, until he was a teenager.

Financial compensation won’t wipe out those memories, and with the conditions tied to money, Lécuyer says he would be letting the church off easy, he told the CBC.

« They’re paying me to protect the religious communities.… It’s important for me, that the church, the priests, that they recognize they were responsible for the sexual abuse, and the aggression. It’s not [for] the government to set that peace, » Lécuyer said.

« It’s an insult, and it’s the biggest proof that the government is an accomplice of the church. »

Lécuyer is urging other orphans to take the money if they need it. « At their age, they’re 60, 70, 80 years old, they don’t have many years to [live]. »

Church never apologized

The church has never apologized to the orphans, despite repeated requests.

About 1,100 other orphans received $25 million in provincial compensation in 2001, in a settlement for having been wrongfully committed to mental-health institutions.

Duplessis Orphans who lived at the following nine institutions will be eligible for the latest compensation package:

  • L’Orphelinat Notre-Dame de la Merci d’Huberdeau.
  • L’Institut Saint-Jean-Baptiste du Lac Sergent.
  • L’Orphelinat Saint-Joseph de Chambly.
  • L’Hospice du Sacré-Coeur de Sherbrooke.
  • L’Orphelinat agricole Saint-Joseph de Waterville.
  • Le Centre Notre-Dame de la Santé (Institut Val-du-Lac de Rock-Forest).
  • L’Institut Monseigneur Guay de Lauzon.
  • Le Mont Saint-Aubert d’Orsainville.
  • L’Institut Doréa de Franklin Centre.

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La cause des Orphelins de Duplessis est largement reconnue comme étant la plus importante affaire d’abus d’enfants, dans des institutions, de l’histoire canadienne. Il y a environ 3 000 survivants qui, étant enfants, ont été placés dans des orphelinats et institutions psychiatriques. À l’époque, le Premier Ministre de la province du Québec était Maurice Duplessis d’où le nom Les Orphelins de Duplessis. Ils soutiennent que durant leur séjour dans ces institutions dirigés par l’église catholique, ils ont été l’objet de traitement très dur ainsi que d’abus sexuel.

La plupart de ces « orphelins » étaient en fait des enfants nés en dehors des liens sacrés du mariage. Dans les années 1930, 40 et 50, ces enfants-là étaient remis à l’église car c’était l’église qui dirigeait les orphelinats. Dans certains cas, ces établissements étaient transformés en centres médicaux. Dans d’autres cas, les enfants étaient expédiés de l’orphelinat vers des hopitaux. Les Orphelins de Duplessis soutiennent que dans ces hopitaux/centres médicaux, également dirigés par l’église catholique, des docteurs les ont faussement reconnus comme étant malades mentaux.

L’explication derrière tout ceci est simple: Le Québec pouvait recevoir plus de fonds fédéraux pour des centres médicaux que pour des écoles ou des orphelinats. Plus d’argent pour le Québec signifiait plus d’argent pour l’église catholique. Mais et les enfants dans tout ça, quel fut leur sort?

Ayant été diagnostiqués « malades mentaux », ils furent l’objet de traitements impensables. Par example, ils étaient restreints dans des camisoles de force, forcés à consommer des quantités excessives de médicaments, enfermés dans des cellules, soumis à des thérapeutiques d’électrochoc et même à des lobotomies. Leurs témoignages d’abus physique et sexuel sont épouvantables. Et quand il n’a plus été possible de faire de l’argent sur le dos des Orphelins de Duplessis, on les a « délivrés » de leur existence effroyable. Sans éducation et avec des dossiers médicaux falsifiés, ils étaient tout à fait impréparés pour une vie d’adulte. Ils ne pouvaient même pas se tourner vers leur famille car toute trace de leur famille avaient été soigneusement effacées.

Aujourd’hui il ne reste plus que 3 000 Orphelins de Duplessis, âgés de 45 à 80 ans, et ils sont plus forts que jamais. Ils jurent de lutter pour que justice leur soit rendue. Le Premier Ministre Lucien Bouchard ainsi que Le Cardinal Turcotte ont essayé d’ignorer les Orphelins de Duplessis. Que ce site web fasse preuve que les Orphelins de Duplessis ne seront pas réduits au silence. – Donna McAllister


The Duplessis’ Orphans case is widely recognized as the largest case of institution-based youth abuse in Canadian history. There are about 3000 survivors, who as children were put into orphanages and psychiatric institutions. The premier of the province during that time was Maurice Duplessis, thus the name. The survivors claim that while in institutions run by Catholic religious orders, they suffered harsh treatment and sexual abuse.

It is believed that most of the « orphans » were in fact children born to unmarried parents. Since this was during the 1930’s, ’40s and ’50s they were left in the care of religious orders that operated orphanages. In some cases those establishments were transformed into health-care facilities and in other cases the children were shipped from orphanages to existing hospitals. At these hospitals, that were also run by religious orders, the Duplessis’ Orphans claim doctors wrongfully labelled many children as mentally deficient.

The reason for all this was that Quebec could obtain more federal funds for health-care facilities than for schools and orphanages. More money for Quebec meant more money for the religious orders. But what about the children?

By being labelled mentally deficient they were subject to treatments such as being strapped into straightjackets, electroshock therapy, excessive medication, detainment in cells and even lobotomies. Their stories of physical and sexual abuse are frightful. When no more financial gain could be achieved by keeping them, they are released from their dreadful existence behind those institution walls. With no education and false medical records they were well unprepared for adult life. Even traces of their families have been snatched from them.

Today there are only 3,000 left and they range in age from 45 to 80 but they are strong. They vow to fight for justice. Premier Bouchard and Cardinal Turcotte have tried to ignore the Duplessis’ Orphans. Let this website be a testament that the Duplessis’ Orphans will not be silenced. – Donna McAllister